leadgen-website-creationIn today’s online world of small business competition, every business owner wants their website to generate quality, responsive and ready to take action (buyer) leads. This is the main reason why you put up a website...right?

However in the realm of website building, most are built to "look nice" (to the website owner). I know this first had because I have built websites for small business customers over the past 15 years and it is what they want... a beautiful website. What they have a hard time understanding is a website is a marketing tool to generate new business and this should be its primary function.

A great looking website will get you all the oohs and aahs you can handle from your family and friends but don't expect your phone to blow up or your inbox to get flooded with fresh new leads.

Why not?

The reason is simple, your website was not designed to convert visitors into leads... it was created to win a design award, not generate new business.

Ask yourself, would you prefer to win an award or win new business?

Building a lead generation website

First, let me clarify: a lead gen website still looks nice! The difference is the design is focused on one goal, one call to action, one result... that is to get the site visitor to send an email or pick up the phone and call your business.

An effective lead generation site at its basic level is achieved by having a prominent call to action (CTA) above the fold and minimizing distractions that lead the potential customer away from taking the desired action.

This is where most business websites fail in their design; by having a collage of photos, videos, links, multiple menu items and various content you are pulling the customers attention in different directions. It is like your website has A.D.D. You need to think of your website as a traffic funnel and use your content strategically to lead the customer from one step to the next.

There are many aspects to lead generation and to do this effectively business owners are willing to hire professionals. By investing in lead generation services your online presence is not wasted. However, with time and effort you should be able to create online leads on your own. The idea of generating free and veritable leads is definitely compelling, but you must learn the ropes to  be able to get the web traffic and leads flowing.

Most common ways to obtain some veritable free leads:

The first proven method to do so is of course using the internet. There are many online services that offer you free leads once you sign up with them. These online programs work mostly as a referral exchange, or as a method of referral partnership. Of course, by this method you will manage to build a rapport with other professionals online, something that could prove really useful and helpful in the future.

If you want to generate free leads, which are veritable and quality leads, then you need to create a website. It can be a simple one with compelling copy, which you can put up yourself if you have the know-how. However, a website designed around converting visitors to leads will utilize well written copy and design to maximize your conversions.

As an example, take the real estate business. As the owner, you want to create a real estate website to showcase your properties. However, if you add a strong CTA combined with a lead capture form you have just potentially increased the leads into your business. The CTA/form could be as simple as the place where your visitors can come and ask you questions regarding their real estate needs, market conditions or anything real estate related.

You can also collect information about your visitors. Let people ask whatever they want because that brings you in touch with your prospective clients and their needs and gives them the impression of a caring business person.

People are most likely to do business with someone who values their opinion and is willing to reply to a few questions more than anyone else. Such people when nurtured will become your leads instantly.

Generating veritable leads is as important for your business as creating high quality products and services. Having a proven online lead gen system in place, only mean better profit figures.