Most small businesses shy away from video marketing thinking that it would cost them a lot of money in terms of production and promotion.

However, the truth about small business video marketing is that it can be done with a little creativity and a good smartphone with a video editing app downloaded to it. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the different videos uploaded to date. You will see that they were obviously taken with a cellphone camera.

But even if you do not have a camera, there are many ways through which you can create video advertising. There are software programs, for example, that have a template where hands write content on a board, which is a very good program for explaining difficult ideas to your audience.

The only small problem for small business video marketing is generating ideas for videos. Really, there are only so many ideas that you can generate for your video marketing efforts, especially if you are too tired to concentrate on generating ideas. We have, however, a short list of ideas that you can grow into full-blown ideas.

About Your Company Videos - Create a video series where you introduce people to your business and the people behind it. Really, this is the type of video that you first need to make because one, it can build trust for your brand. As you are building your “About Us” videos, make sure that you are taking videos of your employees and you. Why? The human eye is trained to respond to human faces and voices. Really, it would be easier for your audience to trust you if you took a video detailing a day in the life of your employees than if you were to use video software that uses pictures to create videos.

Problem videos - No matter what industry you are in, there are problems your customers are facing. And if you help people solve those problems, they will pay you back by being loyal customers. Do you own a bar? You might want to help out by helping your audience choose drinks that give cause the mildest hangover.

Difficult ideas videos - There would be concepts or ideas that your customers might want to know something about. Taking the example of the bar owner, you might want to teach how to mix drinks in some of your videos.

The three ideas we mentioned are really just ideas that you can thresh out into full videos. As you are creating videos, the important thing to keep in mind is to keep them interesting and engaging.

We really do not need to tell you, but there are many benefits to video marketing that you will not find in other marketing channels. For one thing, they are much more shareable on social media, mainly because people tend to concentrate longer on videos than they do on articles. If you are able to create interesting yet professionally done videos (take a look at the video marketing apps in the apps marketplace), then you can hack video marketing.

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