Facebook lead gen softwarePeople love games and what do they love even more... WINNING!!! Check out this new cloud based software that will grow your email list and viral sharing of your website.

Play and Win comes with two favorite game options: a slot machine and a spin wheel.

This game software is hosted on the cloud and is embedded on your website on any page you choose.

The basic format is people play the game for a chance to win something of value from you. This could be:

  • Free product
  • Free consultation
  • Free service item like an inspection
  • Free training
  • Anything of value you can offer to capture a new lead!

The bonus feature of this software is its built in VIRAL component... if people don't win on the first game (this is an option you can choose), they have the option to share your game on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to earn more chances to win! See the demo on how this works - click the link below.

Grab your copy today!

See the demo - Click Here