When it comes to outranking your competitors with link and citation building, you find competitor links and citations, match them and then build more to exceed them.

However, with citations, there are only a limited number of high authority and local citation sites and it can be difficult to exceed a proactive competitor. Especially when they understand the power of citations and have built out as many as possible.

This service is different. It provides a niche video, backlinks, and local citations your competitors do not have. From our experience, few local businesses have a video and even fewer have a backlink, even less create the citation and virtually none take the time to syndicate that content to 50 media sites for additional backlinks and citations!

Not only that but you can use video to rank for pretty much any local keyword you choose. It is no secret Google favors video and especially Youtube. Your video will be syndicated to YouTube as well and we will set up the foundation for you to rank for whatever local keyword you choose to target.

Put rich media to work in your local marketing program. Once we create the video it will be syndicate to targeted high-quality media sites with a backlink to your website and a business citation.

Here is what you get:

Video production: Script, voice, and video production. We create all the elements needed for syndication.

Video Syndication: We will syndicate your video to at least 20 video sharing sites.

Image and Audio Syndication: We take the voiceover and images used in the video creation process and uploaded them to an additional 30 different sites.

Multiple video/voiceover scripts will be written by native English speakers and you will get to chose the script you like best. The remaining scripts will be used as unique content during syndication during the syndication process.

In total, you will get 50 new citations and high authority backlinks your 99.9% of your competitors do not have.

- Backlinks your competitors do not have
- Citations your competitors do not have
- Take another spot on page one of Google for your keyword
- Rank multiple keywords with multiple videos

This service is a great value when you consider video, audio and image creation, and syndication including a backlink and citation!!!


There are two video options:

Option 1: take what is included in this package which is perfect if you're only interested in the links and citations. You'll get a quality script, voiceover, and the video will be a slideshow video. See sample below.

Option 2: includes and upgrade spokesperson video and is like a mini commercial. These come with a custom script and voiceover but also feature a real person. You can see some examples of these videos below: