Getting a backlink or a mention from a local website is challenging to say the least... and to get this from a website that is local and niche relevant is nearly impossible.

Successful outreach for local based backlinks and citations can be incredibly powerful for getting high-rankings that are sustainable. However, we have an alternative that is both affordable and effective.

The reason you want to include local mini-sites in your ranking strategy is "local relevance". You know the importance of local relevance when it comes to posting content on your main site for ranking.

With this service, you get a local backlink, local niche relevant content PLUS a citation for any location you want!

This is not like a guest post or other link services. These are hand built locally themed web 2.0 that provide a dofollow backlink, brand mention, and citation.

However, these are not your typical “local web 2.0”.

- Content on these mini sites is locally relevant and they're locally relevant.
- Includes local news stories and add our own commentary.
- 3rd party mentions - non-competing places of interest andnon-competing local businesses.
- embedded maps and driving directions from another local business or place of interest to your business.
- embed your video on upon request

This is just a few of the things that make these Local Mini Sites powerful. Plus, everything is completely customized including graphics, content, registrations, and set-up.

Not only do we hand build these local mini-sites we also powering them up with locally relevant tiered (tiers 2 & 3) quality backlinks.

Here are the benefits of these tiered links:

- 75+ relevant teir 2 backlinks for each mini site (not hand built)
- Around 400 tier 3 backlinks
- Tiers also feature video, mymap, and image embeds.
- Each backlink is built to pushing local relevancy to the mini site.

These themed tiers are not just for a local and niche relevance push but to also gives the mini site extra power and link juice.