lm-logoThe Link Master WP plugin was created primarily for affiliate marketers and we have to admit it is a great plugin if you are into affiliate marketing. BUT we found it also serves a purpose for any business that utilizes social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social media.

Here is the problem: Many great content sites and sales pages are made in such a way that the traffic you send to them can get scooped up by the site owner... by offering a freebie on exit, they get that customers email address for themselves, for free. Basically, they are getting your most valuable asset as an affiliate marketer, your email list or your traffic. You are giving them new leads for free!

Solution: Link Master protects your traffic from getting siphoned away. In a nutshell, the plugin is designed to clock affiliate links which isn't anything new. The cool thing this plugin does is three-fold:

  1. It pulls any sales page or content page on the web into your site under your url. You can then post it to social media under your url.
  2. It can block the exit pop signup of the page so they can't steal your leads.
  3. You can redirect that exit traffic to any webpage you choose. So you can send then to another offer, any page of your website or squeeze page.

If you are not into affiliate marketing this plugin has some great uses worth considering. On social media you can use this plugin to post great relevant or trending niche content from all over the web to your social media accounts and still redirect the visitor when they leave the page. This feature stays intact even if the content gets shared!

Here is a list of the plugin features:

  • Cloak your affiliate link with your own website domain name.
  • Supports 6 different types of redirects.
  • Complete stat tracking showing total clicks, unique clicks, and clicks over time.
  • Pull the vendors sales page into your website.
  • Bypass on exit pop ups on the vendors sales page that lets them snag your traffic when a sale is not completed.
  • Add your own on exit redirect into the vendors sales page that will redirect people to any URL you want if they try to leave without making a purchase.
  • Automatically change and word in your posts or pages to become clickable, cloaked links.

If this sounds interesting, you need to watch the video demo of the plugin here.