What You Need To Know About A Lead Generation Website.

To generate leads online for your small business you need a specific type of webpage design.

A lead generation website for small local businesses is a website that entices a potential customer to make direct inquiries by phone or email regarding your products or services. These websites achieve this by giving visitors a phone number to call, a form to fill out, set up an online appointment or opt-in to your email list for a coupon code or other immediate benefit.

Lead generation webpages are also known as a landing, lead capture or squeeze pages in the internet marketing arena. This type of purpose built web page is designed specifically around a desired outcome for the business. It usually has an enticing offer that prompts visitors to call the business directly or enter their email address in a web form which is the most common form of capturing leads online.

What you need to generate leads online

The first thing you have to consider when building these type of pages is the email marketing program or auto-responder you will use. A good email program is one that allows you to add an opt-in box with some sort of giveaway that your site visitors will want. Once people sign-up, you got a new lead to market too over and over.

Some of the most popular email marketing programs include Mail Chimp, GetResponse, and AWeber. All of these programs enable you to design a series of email messages to drip feed your marketing message as soon as someone signs up for your list.

Once visitors opt into your email list, you need to deliver value. Always remember that a quality list is not all about selling but about offering valuable content so that people stay subscribed to your email list. If you just hit them over and over again with "buy my stuff" type of messages your list will begin to unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

It is a good idea to get to the point in the emails and avoid rambling. Ensure that you offer valuable content in concise and understandable manner. You can do this by reading your content before posting it and checking if there are any spelling mistakes or any other errors.

Once you have a list, you can start sending a newsletter, tips, soft promotions or surveys on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Be sure to provide information to subscribers about new products and services you may have introduced into the market.

How do you plan to address your subscribers? Most people make a mistake of addressing their subscribers as ‘dear subscriber’. The best way to address your subscriber is by their first name. Write your copy as if you are writing to a friend.

Avoid blinding your subscribers with ‘buy this’ or get this as it will turn off people. Your website should be helping people by providing relevant valuable content. You can also offer something free for example you can offer a free e-book or coupon for a discount.

Keep in mind that the auto-responder and emails you send are at the very heart of your lead generation website. There is no lead generation website without it. This is why you need to spend some time tweaking and refining your message.

For direct phone leads, you need to have your phone number posted predominately in many locations.

The 3 best webpage locations you want to display your phone number are:

  • In the header of your website
  • In the sidebar above the fold
  • In the footer

In today's mobile marketplace and this is especially important for local businesses, is to have a mobile responsive website with a "click to call" button. Where the mobile phone user searching for your services can just tap the button and is automatically calling your business.

The only purpose of having a website for your business is to generate leads and nothing else. Therefore, a flashing website is second to focusing on your message or ad copy, making sure it is persuasive enough.

To succeed in online lead generation, you need to relate with your clients, build a relationship, ask for feedback and participation. Avoid being a sales person by throwing out a bunch of email pitches and instead, interact with your visitors and you will build trust in growing your leads list.