This service is similar to our "Local Mini Sites" where you get a relevant backlink, citation and local relevance for your general niche and a location. Lead Gen Mini Sites are Web 2.0's that are themed for a specific sub-niche and location

For example, a plumber offers many services and will list all those services on their website. The Lead Gen Mini Site will take one of those many services like water heater replacement and target that service in a specific location.

The reason you want to include Lead Gen Mini Sites in your ranking strategy is for hyperfocused local and sub-niche relevance". You know the importance of listing your services on your main website for ranking.

With this service, you get a local and sub-niche backlink, local and sub-niche relevant content, and a citation.

These Web 2.0's are hand built and features:
- Content that is locally and sub-niche relevant.
- Includes sub-niche related news stories and we add our own commentary (content curation).
- 3rd party mentions - non-competing places of interest and non-competing additional information sources.
- embedded maps and driving directions from another local business or place of interest to your business.
- embedded geo-tagged images
- embed your video on upon request (we can also create a video for you)

This is just a few of the things that make these Lead Gen Mini Sites powerful. Plus, everything is completely customized including graphics, content, registrations, and set-up.

Not only do we hand build these lead gen mini-sites we also power them up with local and sub-niche relevant tiered (tiers 2 & 3) quality backlinks.

Here are the benefits of these tiered links:

- 75+ relevant tier 2 backlinks for each mini-site (not hand built)
- Around 400 tier 3 backlinks
- Tiers also feature video, mymap, and image embeds.
- Each backlink is built to pushing local relevancy to the mini-site.

These themed tiers are not just for a local and sub-niche relevance push but to also gives the mini-site extra power and link juice that will pass through to your main website.

In fact, since these Lead Gen Mini Sites are hyperfocused on local and sub-niche they have to the potential to rank highly in Google.