FAQ on Lead Generation Services

Yes. Once you outline your service area, we will hold that area exclusively for your business and not sell leads to a competitor in your defined area.

Some lead gen methods we use will generate leads right away. However, to completely ramp up the phone calls will take up to 3 months to build out and rank our exclusive online lead generation system.

Yes, we can do that. We will recreate your site to capture and convert leads, rank your website if needed, set up your social media to capture and convert leads and set up and manage your Adwords to convert targeted leads. Contact us for more information.

In lead generation there are two types of leads; shared leads and exclusive leads. Shared leads are just how they sound. Shared leads are generated by a company and then sold to you and your competitors leaving you all to compete and slash prices to get the job.

Our lead generation is "exclusive", meaning the leads are sent directly to you live on the phone. They are not shared with anyone.

A lead is labeled "qualified" when a consumer contacts your business and expresses interest in purchasing your products and/or service. Wrong numbers and telemarketers are not leads.

This all depends primarily on the business you are in, your target market and the level of online competition for your products and services. Every business and market is different so the best way to determine an exact quote for lead generation is to contact us so we can determine for you a specific lead gen cost. Some lead generation costs as little as $20 per "qualified lead".

There is no cost or obligation when contacting us for a quote.

We have 3 lead generation models you can choose from:

  1. You pay for each qualified lead that contacts you by phone or email.
  2. You pay us a percentage of each job you complete from a lead we generated.
  3. You invest in the ad spend and we manage the campaign for you. You then pay us a lower per lead fee or percentage of new lead generated business.

We design and rank on the first page of the search engines a variety of online assets specific to your business niche. We design websites, landing pages, videos, content, social media profiles, etc.

Leads are generated by direct phone calls and email web forms. Once a customer has taken action the phone call or email is redirected instantly to your business phone or email account. There is no time delay your leads are as fresh as can be.

Online lead generation is the process of attracting consumer interest in your brand, product or services. Once a customer shows interest, the next step is to have them initiate an inquiry into your products or services by way of phone call, web form or email. Leads can be created for purposes such as email list building, e-newsletter subscribers or for sales leads.

Find out how your business will benefit from online lead gen. Fill out the form below now and we will get back to you with just how many leads you can expect each month and how much it will cost. Talk soon.

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